Talal Al-Hamad, 2 year Director


Talal Al-Hamad is a man of many talents. Dubbed “The Deranged Herbalist” he has a diverse background in many natural healing modalities. He utilizes a unique east meets west approach to imbalances and disease, with great efficacy. Throughout the years Talal has been a student of various holistic modalities & arts including: Traditional Western Herbalism, Islamic & Unani medicine , Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Alchemy, Flower essence therapy & Aromatherapy, Yoga (Pranayama, Mudras & Asana), Nutrition & Diet

His initial interest into holistic healing was due to several health issues that plagued him. Being completely dissatisfied with the answers and results allopathic medicine had to offer he set off on a personal transformative journey to seek out the true cause for his imbalances. This journey led to a period of deep study and personal growth as he foraged the plains of holistic healing to find his purpose. Without fail the path always led back to the power of nature, to the plants themselves. He loved the idea of not relying on anyone to manufacture his remedies (as homeopaths often do) and felt very empowered and connected with his own medicine. Their results were powerful and had little to no side effects. It was then he knew that herbal medicine was his path in life.

His formal education includes training at a herbal college, and also completing a clinical herbalist program in Ontario.  However, Talal quickly recognized the limitations of purely formal training and sought to balance his knowledge by keeping up with knowledge only shared by word of mouth. “The knowledge shared in the hearts that is not found written on lines”.

Talal has spent years studying with various institutes and living mentors based in a variety of places including: Canada, USA, Kuwait, Iraq, Egypt, UK & India. Talal’s unique style has been influenced by a plethora of mentors both past and living. Practitioners such as: The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Michael Moore, LW Osbourne, Johan Hollandus, George Ripley, Horatio C Wood Jr, Donny Yance, Ahmed Al Buni, Jabir Bin Hayan, Abu Bakir Al Razi, Avicenna, Al Majriti, Al Ghazalli, Imam Ali, and many more.

In addition to his formal training, Talal has spent many years in intense self study, immersing himself in a myriad of rare works. He continues to study, experiment and research in a variety of alchemical vegetable, mineral & animal works, where he has pioneered techniques and completed works unique to him. Talal’s passion and dedication to helping evolve “The Great Work”  by connecting the missing dots found in the Arab World is a task he does not take lightly.

Today, Talal has earned a reputation as a multi-faceted East meets West herbalist – keen on exploring the boundaries of medicine making through the lost art of Alchemy. He is also becoming well known for his efforts in bringing greater awareness of Islamic/Arabic & Unani medicine to the West, becoming a real & audible voice for Arab health practitioners in the region. He works with people and animals & uses multiple modalities but is an herbalist at heart. In addition to teaching at international symposiums, his articles have also been featured in magazines such as Ayurveda Mantra & Tonic Toronto.

Talal is a Registered Herbalist and a professional member of The American Herbalists Guild (AHG) & The BC Herbalists Association (BCHA). From 2020 to 2022 He was heavily involved in the AHG as a member of the: governing council, diversity equity and inclusivity committee, Ad hoc committee & Membership committee.  Talal was also an independent author/contributor & researcher for The Herbal Academy, an online herbal school. Talal works with people and animals & uses multiple modalities but is an herbalist at heart. In addition to teaching at international symposiums, his articles have also been featured in magazines such as Ayurveda Mantra & Tonic Toronto.

Talal doesn’t see results as a reason to stop continually evolving as a practitioner or person. He continues to prove this point through measurable action and a lifelong commitment.  From keeping up with allopathic drugs, new scientific findings to figuring out ways to clinically prove “mythical” alchemical preparations in a clinical context, Talal can always be found studying and evolving his toolkit in his spare time. For he truly believes that there is no upper limit for learning.

In his spare time Talal enjoys playing jazz & death metal, as well as regularly training in various martial arts. He is also known for his extensive culinary fusion explorations, marrying herbalism and cooking in a controlled yet witty manner. Talal has an innate passion for healing and has devoted his life to developing his treatment protocols and furthering his knowledge of medicinal herbs. Having conquered his own health challenges with his knowledge, it is easy to see how his passion for healing others is truly sincere.

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