Holly Fourchalk, 1 year Director


Dr Holly has PhDs in Counselling and in Nutrition; MAs in Psychology and Herbal medicine; a Dr of Natural Medicine and a variety of other designations. She is a scientist and researcher; teaches around the world; has written over 30 books; and runs a Mobile Health Clinic. She uses a variety of modalities to assess issues, discover underlying system, organ, cellular & genetic dysfunctions, and determine ways to help the body re-engage in its natural healing processes.

Holly has been a board member since 2011 and serves on the Peer Review Board. Holly’s passions with the association include:

  • Pushing to get courses online. (This is her number one passion!)

  • Pushing to get practitioner books provided on the website. (Her second passion.)

  • Supervised the Peer Review Panel.

  • Evaluating and revising continuing education requirements.

  • Developing a written exam to be taken by practitioners who have been out of clinical practice for more than 2 yrs.

  • Evaluating and revising the process for reviewing applicants prior to going before the peer review panel.

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