Krista Poulton, 1 year Director

BKin, Dip. Phyt., RHT

Krista is a Medical Herbalist in private practice in Victoria, BC balancing her private practice as a faculty member at Pacific Rim College, teaching courses in herbal medicine and medicine making, along with supervising clinical training.   Krista is passionate about medicine making and has a full dispensary created 95% from herbs she has grown or from tinctures she has made herself from either percolations or macerations. Ethical wild-harvesting, cultivation, and developing those intimate relationships with plants fuels her spirit and her practice.

Krista is passionate about hormonal health, particularly with reproductive empowerment, thyroid & adrenal imbalances, and approaches this clinical focus with individualized, natural treatments with a focus on education with the use of herbs, diet and supplements.Krista has spoken at the Kootenay Herb Conference in 2016 & 2018, with Colleen Emery’s Mentorship Program in Winlaw, the Herb Gathering on Vancouver Island in 2017, American Herbalist Guild in 2019, offered a combined practitioner intensive workshop with Bev Maya in the Winter of 2018 & 2019 at Pacific Rim College and will be speaking at the Canadian Herb Conference in 2020. Krista continues to offer through Pacific Rim College Online a three part online course on Menstrual Cycle Tracking and Herbal Medicine for the general public and for practitioners. 

Krista maintains a professional membership with the British Columbia Herbalist’s Association (BCHA) and is actively involved with this organization as a member of the Board of Directors. She is also actively involved in the People’s Apothecary, a community Herbal Medicine garden located in Quadra Village.

Krista has been a member of the board since 2014 as the Student Subcommittee Representative, and an active Director since 2015.

Krista is very passionate about engaging our members with the association through the:

  • Member Engagement Committee and the Website Development Subcommittee

  • Curating the BCHA blog

  • Managing and writing the monthly newsletter

She is excited to continue working on these projects, with future goals to of offering more content to our community in the form of:

  • Professional articles/journals including case studies, treatment protocols and herbal monographs for practitioners.

  • A webinar series on our new BCHA website.

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